Hollow plug NA Type

Pin anchor

  • ■For thick or thin walls more than 3mm thick. This is the plug for hollow construction walls.
  • ■Unique nylon construction eliminates worries about corrosion, without destroying appearance.
  • ■Excellent heat and cold resistance - does not fracture even when impacted at -30°C.

Dimensional Drawing

Installation method

  1. Drill preparation hole.
  2. Insert plug.
  3. Attach with wood screw.

OK even for thick walls.

Hollow plug NA Type


Hollow wall•Concrete•Block•Brick


For attaching fixtures and equipment.

Precautions on use

  • Wear safety protection equipment such as eye protection glasses, a helmet etc. during use.
  • Never apply the anchor plug for walls under 3mm thick.
  • Be sure to use the drill of the appropriate size to secure proper strength for drilling the preparation hole.
  • Drill the preparation hole vertically against the drilled material surface.
NA type (Blister pack)
Size Board thickness
Screw size
Screw length
Hole dia
Pcs./pack Packs./box
JAN Code
NA-3P 3-8 4.0-4.5 30+t 8-10 30以上 20 10 4989270821231
NA-9P 9-15 35+t 35以上 4989270821248
NA-16P 16-24 40+t 40以上 4989270821255
NA type (Blister pack with screw)
Size Attached Screw(mm) Pcs./pack Packs./box JAN Code
NA-3SP Pan 4*35 20 10 4989270821262
NA-9SP Pan 4*40 4989270821279
NA type (Blister pack with stainless screw)
Size Attached Screw(mm) Pcs./pack Packs./box JAN Code
NA-3SPS Pan 4*35 16 10 4989270821286
NA-9SPS Pan 4*40 14 10 4989270821293
NA type (Blister pack in economy cartons)
Size Pcs./box Packs./box JAN Code
NA-3 100 600 4989270821200
NA-9 4989270821217
NA-16 4989270821224

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