Business Activities: Technology & Products

Valuable products developed from a professional user’s point of view

A number of unique new products developed based on our customers’ needs are supported by the research and development of cutting and metal theories. These ideas are embodied in our proprietary dedicated machines designed and assembled in-house. The Development Department has brought about development not only in terms of development of advanced tools using new materials, but also research and development of products that excel in functionality as well as performance. The Production Department is working toward further streamlining by integrating functions in Japan and strengthening its production system by overseas expansion.

Our marketing strategy is formulated based on marketing information reported daily from the Sales Department. We develop products that are truly valuable from a user’s point of view.

Iwate Factory

Iwate Factory

This is the center of domestic production and a comprehensive control tower for production in areas including China and Vietnam.
High value-added products such as the UR21 Series are manufactured here. The Engineering Development Department is also located here.


Chinese Factory

This is a production base established in the Economic and Technological Development Zone in Langfang City of Hebei Province located midway between Beijing and Tianjin. At our new factory inaugurated at the end of 1998, high-quality and low-cost products are manufactured.
This factory also supplies the giant market of China.

Vietnamese Factory (UNIKA VIETNAM CO., LTD.)

Vietnamese Factory

Advanced tools such as concrete drills and hole saws are mainly manufactured here and shipped directly from Vietnam to countries around the world, including Japan, China, other countries of Asia, the United States, and Europe.
Global standards are recognized in Europe and the United States, the home of electric tools, are manufactured by a promoting thorough streamline operation and automation while taking advantage of the industrious Vietnamese workforce.

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