Deck Bit


  • ■Most suitable for drilling prepared hole in deck plate for inserting anchors.
  • ■Long life and excellent sharpness have been achieved by titanium coating and a sharp point.
  • ■Equipped with a safety stopper to prevent pass-through at the time of penetration.
  • ■Use of extension shank also improves workability.

◆Effective length: 2mm

◆Matching drill: Electric drill/Percussion drill(rotating mode)

◇All the cutting edge is coated with titanium.

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Dimensional Drawing

Deck Bit


Deck plate• Thin iron plate (2mm or thinner)• Stainless steel plate (1mm or thinner)• Aluminum plate (2mm or thinner) • Plastic• PVC plate• Resin plate

  • <Gauge> 15-22mm (50*30*116)


*Numerical values in ( ) indicate the package size.
W × D × H (mm). The size dimensions have an error of approximately 2mm depending on the package.

■Matching insert anchor

Diameter(mm)Matching insert
16.0BS type (W3/8)/BSL type (W3/8)
/BSD type (W3/8)
22.0BS type (W1/2)/BSL type (W1/2)
/BSD type (W1/2)

■Extension shank

Extension shank

■An extension shank capable of attaching and detaching the deck bit with a single touch. Most suitable for drilling during standing work.

Precautions on use

  • Use electric drills appropriate for the deck bit used.
  • Check that the main switch is turned off, and make sure to take out the power supply plug from the socket before attaching to or detaching from the motor or extension shank.
  • Product main body, swarf and drilling surface are hot due to friction in drilling. Never touch them with bare hands.
  • Wear work clothes suitable for the operation. In particular, wear protective glasses to prevent shavings from getting into your eyes.
  • Prepare the working environment before starting a job.
  • Carefully read the instruction manual for the motor used before use.
  • ■Titanium coated cutting edge

    Stable center positioning capability and long life have been achieved by a unique cutting edge shape, titanium coating on all the cutting edge, and small diameter point.

    Titanium coated cutting edge

  • ■Safety stopper

    Pass-through at time of penetration is prevented because it is equipped with a safety stopper.

    Safety stopper

  • ■Three-sided shank

    A three-sided shank capable of reliably transmitting rotation force, and being attached to and detached from the optional extension shank.

    Three-sided shank

Deck bit (DKB type)
Size Diameter(mm) Overall Length(mm) Shank Diameter(mm) Pcs./box JAN Code
DKB-15N 15 68 10 5 4989270590076
DKB-16N 16 69 4989270590083
DKB-18N 18 74 4989270590090
DKB-20N 20 80 4989270590106
DKB-22N 22 84 4989270590113
Extension shank for deck bit
Size Overall Length(mm) Matching Deck Bit(mm) JAN Code
DKBSK-390 390 15-22 4989270591011
DKBSK-550 550 15-22 4989270591028
DKBSK-550SDS 550 15-22 4989270591035


There is also the tool box set which is convenient for carrying and storing.

  • 15/16/22mm *each 1 [TB-50]
  • 16/16/22mm *each 1 [TB-51]
Size Set Dia(mm) JAN Code
TB-50 15 16 22 4989270590069
TB-51 16 16 22 4989270590120

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